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Teaching Philosophy

I believe a good professor helps students on the journey of learning in at least three ways: to equip students with knowledge and skills that can prepare them for future endeavors in academia or industry, to support students with empathy when they encounter obstacles on their way to success, and to train students to become lifetime learners after they graduate from college. Along with the course Teaching Communication that I took in my graduate studies, my two years of professional experience in the advertising industry and my six years of college-level teaching experience have equipped me with the tools to put into practice my philosophy.



Student Evaluation

“Yue is one of the best TAs I’ve had as a Comm student. She is very helpful and lectures well.”


“Yue is a very patient and helpful instructor. She is amazing at explaining things in a way that you will understand, and she makes the atmosphere for learning and asking questions very comfortable.”


“She works really hard to make sure her students are engaged and participating. She gives it her best and you can clearly tell the passion for teaching is there that a lot of other teachers don’t have.”


“Yue Li was fantastic this semester, very helpful and kind. She was easy to get in touch with and was awesome communicating!”


“Yue is one of the best TAs I have ever had. She worked so hard to make sure that we understood the material and was always helping us do the assignments. She provided great additional resources outside of what the professor gave us!”


“Amazingly structured online course that required very minimal clarification on assignments.”


“I absolutely loved this course! I learned so much from my professor, who seemed genuine about the coursework and both knowledgeable and filled with pride regarding her work. I would happily take this course again and recommend it to a friend. I have become more passionate about advertising because of this class, so thank you!”


“I think the professor did a great job at providing real-life examples and exposing us to modern-day articles that related to the topics we learned each week. I genuinely enjoyed this course and feel like I learned a lot.”

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